Voice Over



A cyber-punk audio drama is out now so look to the sea!

I am proud to bring to life Estella Morgan who makes her appearance mid-season, so hold on for the ride!



Star Wars:Rise of the Order is on the way with new episodes slated for 2019! 

I play KaiKat Chelays Imperal Inquisitor.

Star wars crusade of the rebellion


This series has 5 episodes already out for your enjoyment. Episode 6 coming soon, I play both TX-1118 & Samira.

Emperor Pigs


Welcome to Emperor Pigs; a pizzeria run by demons that also sells weed. I play ARPD Cop #1 (no name because it's funnier)

Transformers Crusade


The Quintessons are at it again and try to infiltrate the Autobots. Will Ultra Magnus and his team be able to defend what is theirs? Available now on Youtube by AHM1K click below. I get to voice Windblade in this epic story!

Transformers Final Days


Love my Transformers, in this Audio Drama I have the honor of playing Arcee. Visit our Youtube channel and follow us!

In The Works


Commentator for UpNext - Youtube Channel

UpNext is your number one spot for Marvel, TV Shows, and movie spotlights and fan videos! To hear yours truly cover some of these topics and more, click HERE and Subscribe!!

Azora: Superhero Story

In a city that has been cut off from the rest of the world due to the damage that was caused by a great war between Heroes and Villains, the daughter of late Vigilantes, Electricide and Star-Light, struggles to live in a world that has rejected the presence of the enhanced for 18 years. Krystal Diaz, Azora, goes to find her path in this world, go on to live a normal life or be the protector of this World.

Veronica plays the late Star-Light.

The Calling - Animated web series

This is going to be an animated web series that is an original. It is spiritual/supernatural fiction. There are 3 main characters, all 16-17 years old, they come from horrible tragic backgrounds that left them scarred and abandoned at the Saint Germaine school for forgotten children. The headmaster explains the real purpose of the school is to help them control their powers and train them for the wave of evil that is prophesied to destroy the entire world. I play Angelica, trailer to come soon!

Zatanna: Master of Puppets Audio Drama

DC fans rejoice! A new and exciting adventure coming soon by Snips Audio Productions and JVCO Entertainment. Voice actors have all been cast, audio in just need to finalize and prepare for launch! I play yours truly, Zatanna.

Cartoon Pilot Feature coming soon!

Look for an exciting upcoming project to be announced soon, I am excited but due to my NDA I can't disclose much just yet!